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        1. Overview

          Strongly committed to the Mission of Lewis University, the Board of Trustees consists of nearly forty very competent men and women who bring to the University a wide range of experience in diverse fields, including corporate leadership, law, higher education, volunteer work, healthcare, finance, government and industry. Board membership includes nine members of the , sponsors of Lewis University. At the current time, twenty-two Trustees are alumni of Lewis University.

          The Board of Trustees provides significant support and advocacy for the Catholic and Lasallian Mission of Lewis University. The Trustees help ensure that the University will be directed in accord with the moral, spiritual and religious inspiration and values of the Catholic Church and guided by the spiritual, intellectual and educational ideals of the Christian Brothers, in the spirit of their founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

          Since 1680, educational institutions around the world have been influenced by the vision and innovative spirit of De La Salle, the patron saint of teachers. Lasallian education emphasizes academic excellence, faith formation, an appreciation of diversity, respect for the individual, service and social justice. A Lasallian education strives to enrich each student's intellectual, cultural, physical, social and spiritual development. The De La Salle Christian Brothers and their Lasallian partners, with the constant encouragement of the Lewis University Board of Trustees, continue to respond to students by stimulating minds, touching hearts and cultivating leadership.

          The Lewis University Board of Trustees meets three times annually, usually in February, May and October. Each Trustee is invited to serve on at least one of the Board Committees, including those for Academic Affairs, Audit, Development, Finance, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Mission & Planning, Student 甘肃快3走势图, Trusteeship and Governance, and Property, Plant and 甘肃快3走势图. Chairs of these committees serve along with the Board officers on the Executive Committee. Each of these committees considers a variety of relevant topics in depth and presents its recommendations to the full Board, on issues such as academic programming, campus planning, capital development and funding, annual budgets and more. Committee reports are scheduled at each Board meeting.

          Board of Trustees 2018-2019

          Front row sitting (left to right): 
          Kathleen Halloran; Dr. David Livingston; Michael Parker

          First row standing: 
          Luigi Amendola;  Br. Ernest Miller, FSC; Dr. Kathleen Cieplak Owens; Dr. Christopher Sindt; Barbara Martin; Peter Limberger; H. Teresa Krejci; Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC; Dr. Kristi Kelly

          Second row standing
          Raymond Kennelly, Kenneth Gabriel; Mary Lancaster; Kevin Newquist; Eduardo Sanchez; Mohra Gavankar; Guy Wiebking; Christopher Perry; Robert Pluth, Jr; Congressman Daniel Lipinski

          Third row standing: 
          William Rybak; Dr. LeRoy Butler; Br. David Galinski, FSC; Michael Morefield; Dr. James Girard; Dr. Mary Catherine Fox, AFSC; Bryan Durkin; Reverand Paul Novak, OSM; Jeffery Stahl; Dr. Kurt Schackmuth

          Not pictured: 
          Br. Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC; Timothy Ferrarell; Colonel Duane Hayden; Dr. Siham Ibrahim; Pamela Mott; Dr. Brennan O’Donnell; Dr. Sarode Pundaleeka; Br. Michael Quirk, FSC; Carol Schneider

          Officers of the Board of Trustees 2019-甘肃快3走势图

          Kathleen Halloran, Chair
          Michael Parker, Vice Chair
          Kenneth Gabriel, Treasurer
          Jeffrey J. Stahl, Secretary

          See schedule of Board of Trustees meetings.

          Members of the Board of Trustees


          Dr. Kathleen Cieplak Owens
          President Emerita
          Gwynedd Mercy University

          Bryan Durkin
          CME Group

          Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC
          Christian Brothers University

          Timothy Ferrarell
          Senior Vice President, Enterprise Systems (Retired)
          W.W. Grainger, Inc.

          Dr. Mary Catherine Fox, AFSC
          Provincial Designee
          Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Retired)
          Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

          Kenneth Gabriel, Treasurer
          Partner (Retired)
          KPMG, LLP

          Brother David Galinski, FSC
          Saint Patrick High School

          Mohra Gavankar
          President of Rockdale Controls Inc. and
          President of RoCo Productions

          Dr. James Girard
          Professor of Chemistry
          American University

          Kathleen Halloran, Chair
          Executive Vice President Finance/Administration (Retired)
          Nicor, Inc.

          Colonel Duane Hayden
          Executive Director
          Gary / Chicago International Airport Authority

          Dr. Siham Ibrahim
          SI Consulting, Ltd. (DBA: Daniella’s Designs)

          Mary Lancaster, CPA
          Wermer, Rogers, Doran, and Ruzon, LLC

          Peter Limberger
          MTEC Capital Inc/CL Enterprise LLC

          Congressman Dan Lipinski
          U.S. Representative for Illinois
          3rd Congressional District

          Dr. David Livingston
          Lewis University

          Barbara J. Martin

          Brother Ernest Miller, FSC
          Vice President for Mission
          La Salle University

          Michael Morefield
          Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
          Portola Packaging, Inc. (Retired)

          Pamela Mott
          Chief Human Resources Officer (Retired)
          Christian Brothers 甘肃快3走势图

          Kevin Newquist
          Newquist Associates

          Reverend Paul E. Novak, OSM
          De La Salle Institute

          Dr. Brennan O’Donnell
          Manhattan College

          Michael Parker, Vice Chair
          Senior Vice President – Executive Director Broker Relations (Retired)
          Liberty Mutual Middle Market

          Christopher Perry
          President, Global Sales, Marketing and Client Solutions
          Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

          Robert R. Pluth, Jr.
          Schiff Hardin LLP

          Dr. Sarode Pundaleeka
          Founder and President (Retired)
          Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates Ltd.

          Brother Michael Quirk, FSC
          President/Chief Executive Officer
          Christian Brothers 甘肃快3走势图

          William Rybak, Chair Emeritus
          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Retired)
          Van Kampen Investments

          Eduardo Sanchez
          Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
          Lopez Foods, Inc.

          Brother Joseph Saurbier, FSC
          Director of Administration and Operations
          Christian Brothers of the Midwest

          Carol L. Schneider
          President and Chief Executive Officer
          Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

          Jeffrey J. Stahl, Secretary
          Stahl Cowen Crowley Addis LLC

          Guy Wiebking
          Board Member
          Presence Health Ministries

          Trustees Emeriti

          Michael Hughes
          President (Retired)
          Huen Electric

          Michael Waters
          Chairman Emeritus
          Waters and Associates